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GO Green Shops - Who are we? :-)

Hello! We are two students from the Master of Science in Environmental Management programme under the University of Hong Kong. This online platform - GO Green Shops, together with other GO Green Shops social media platforms, is our graduation project.


Our aim is to promote green shopping habit and lifestyle, and we have noticed that there are an increasing number of physical and online green shops in Hong Kong, bringing positive impacts to our local green community these days.


Therefore, we have been inviting different green shops all over HK to be listed on our platform. Our ultimate goal is to establish a GREEN SHOPPING CIRCLE, to allow more people - no matter they are already practicing green lifestyle or not, to get to know more about the green shops in HK.

HOW? You can search green shops by districts/green products on our page. Also, updates of different green shops/products and tips on how to establish green shopping habit will be posted from time to time! We'll also organize activities/green markets soon :) Stay tuned!


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